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Why go to one of those token or clip sites and spend $10.00 for a few pictures or one mpeg, when you can
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Indulge your favorite fantasies. Got a thing for one of your sexy co-workers? Sure you do. You work alongside her all day long. You flirt with her and she flirts with you. There is something between you and you can't exactly put your finger on it. You may respect her, but you still have a great desire to see her in ropes and gags. Come see her here.
Hmm. interviewing a prospective new employee? Everything is above board and you have to hire based on qualifications, but it just so happens she has great qualifications and great legs. In your fantasies you want to interview her while she is bound and gagged. You want to ask her if she minds "being tied to her computer all day". Isn't that the question you really want to ask?
You are out of town on a business trip with your co-worker. You don't know the town real well so you sit in your hotel room all night long watching HBO. Boring!! But there is not much else to do in the hotel except work on those damn marketing reports. You order room service and fall asleep watching the TV. Wouldn't it be more exciting to go to your co-workers room and ask her if she would like to do something a little more exciting than laboring away at the PC. How about a few ropes and gags to ease the boredom of your trip away from home.
Got one of those tough female bosses? Got a bitch for a secretary? You gotta live with it so why not fantasize about tying both of them up in their office and goofing off the rest of the day. It's not like they will be able to hobble down the hallway to tell you to get busy. Gotta love that. Want to indulge all of these fantasies? Bam!!! You got it. Join Now


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